Agroindustrias Premier Green Company is a wholesale fruit, vegetables and dried nuts supplier that has began its work in 1990, in Jalisco.

As a strong supply chain, we ensure to get the fresh and quality vegetables and fruits.

We at Agroindustrias Premier Green Company, do our best to deliver the products in the optimum condition. Our strategy is based on a goal to build a trusted long lasting relationship with our clients and providers. Our supply chain professionals coordinate production among multiple providers, ensuring that production and transport of goods happen with minimal quality or inventory problems. Activities related to obtaining products from outside suppliers involve resource planning, supply sourcing, inbound transportation, storage, handling, and quality assurance. We pay a lot of attention from our side to quality assurance and practice professional approaches in products testing and certification.

We’ve got the product knowledge about the supply and products conditions.

We consider and strive to control various factors like growing conditions, logistical issues and seasonal variations that are able to diminish the fruits and vegetables quality.

As a stable and fast growing supply chain we never stop improving our skills and knowledge when it comes to transportation, warehousing, inventory management, and production planning. Logistics, shipping routes, distribution center locations and footprints – we care about all aspects that are crucial, in order to provide the best products and service.

The distribution, packaging and storage facilities matter.

We at Agroindustrias Premier Green Company, always take into consideration clients feedback and strive to keep the high level of the storage and distribution practices in order to reduce the food wastage and ensure the business continuity.

We have a plenty of packaging options available, such as flow packs, netlon, biodegradable packaging, and shrink-wrapping. In order to keep our fruits and vegetables fresh and crisp while being delivered worldwide. If you are not sure, which packing material to select and use, please don’t hesitate to send us an enquiry.

Let our professionals to advise and take care of all steps of the enquiry.

Our fruits and vegs come from Jalisco, Mexico.

Mexico cultivates fruits and vegetables that have became a popular and certainly essential ingredient of international cuisines.

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