Fruits and Vegetables
Product quality and food safety are our main priority.
Dried Nuts, Frozen Fruits and Pulp
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We propose a wide availability of fresh fruits, dried nuts, frozen fruits and pulp.

An impressive variety

Mexico is a country rich in delicious, exotic fruits and vegetables that you’ll rarely find elsewhere, and one of the perks of visiting is that these fresh and healthy foods are available daily on your doorstep.

Step into any Mexican market and you’re likely to stumble across several root vegetables or spiky-shelled fruits that you’ve probably never even heard of, let alone seen; here are the ones you need to keep an eye out for. Some examples?..

Avocados. Guavas. Tomatoes. Tomatillos. Limes. Mangoes. Jicama. Prickly Pear. Chayote. Nopales. Pomegranates. Chiles. Corn. Guanabana. Loquat. Mamey…

Product quality and food safety are our main priority.

The tracks within this line of thought are safety between industry and the market and then between the market and the consumer. We consider the origins of food, practices of the food labeling, food hygiene, tracking food additives and pesticide residues. We follow policies on biotechnology and food, government regulations and certification systems for foods.

Our professional quality control team communicates with vendors and partners in order to resolve any potential issues determined by our customers. We work to deliver our product in its original shape and state of natural perfection.

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